Matt Hardwick

Matt Hardwick is one of the fastest rising stars in electronic music industry. His producing and remixing skills have been honed by years of experience that when he finally came out with an album, it was immediately recognized as a success.

Joachim Garraud

The music of Joachim Garraud can be easily considered unique but highly entertaining. Along with his energy during in every performance, he slowly became a top DJ in France and gained recognition around the world.

Frank Trax

Frank Trax is renowned DJ from Spain that focuses on dance music. He has been awarded multiple times because of his crowd pleasing performances in various clubs as well as impressive sales of his singles.

DJ Sammy

Samuel Bouriah aka DJ Sammy is a well known DJ around the world. His focus on mixing sounds to develop various dance music has earned him the recognition as some of the top DJs in the industry. Although mainly based in Spain, he is still recognized around the world because of singles and albums.


Tiga James Sontag or simply "Tiga" is one of the most popular DJs in North America. Born in Montreal, he started his experience with electronic music in the early 90s as he organized various rave parties. His heavy promotion of these parties led him to mixing house music and even the establishment of Club SONA.

Kyau vs Albert

Kyau vs Albert is the former name of Kyau and Albert. The group decided to change their name in 2006 to emphasize their fusion of music. Both DJs have extensive experience in trance and house music that their fusion only improved their performances that gained the attention of worldwide audience.

DJ Vibe

DJ Vibe is a highly recognized DJ not only in his native city in Lisbon, Portugal but also worldwide. Born as Antonio Pereira, he started to appear in various clubs in Lisbon at an early age of 15. Since the early 80s, he is already part of many clubs in Lisbon as he has slowly shaped the club music in Lisbon.

Donald Glaude

Donald Glaude is one of the most accomplished DJ in North America. His influence in house music can be traced early in the 90s with his daring mixes to push the boundaries has made him a well-appreciated DJ in the world. It's no wonder he is consistently part of the elite Top 100 DJ in the world.
The early days in music of Donald Glaude are not exactly on house music. As a kid, he is a classically trained musician where he learned to play violin and upright bass in his hometown in Tacoma, Washington. But once he started playing with basic mixers, he decided to devout his time to mixing.

Bob Sinclar

Born Christophe Le Friant, Bob Sinclar is one of the top French DJs in the world. A Grammy nominated DJ, Bob Sinclar started his career at 18. As his career started in the late 80s, he focused on Hip-Hop and funk music. His name during those years was "Chris the French Kiss". He only changed his name to Bob Sinclar after the character of the film Le Magnifique.


Lange (Stuart Langelaan) is a UK based DJ recognized worldwide as one of the top musicians in trance music. With the current rank of #37 in DJ Mag Top 100, his influence in trance music has been greatly valued. His various remixes has been heard in various clubs around the world as he continues to influence other DJs in trance music.

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