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Matthias Paul also known as Paul van Dyk was born in Berlin and is a leading trance DJ and music producer in the world. In 2005 DJ Magazine named him “World’s Number 1 DJ” and 2 years later he sold more than 3 million albums worldwide. Paul van Dyk’s remix Love Stimulation became very popular in the 90s. In 1994 Paul released The Green Valley EP – Pump This Party and Emergency 911. His debut album 45RPM was recorded with VOOV and Johnny Klimek. In 1997 Paul van Dyk started working with music producer BT recording later successes as “Forbidden Fruit” and “Beautiful Place”. His trips to India inspired him to record Reflections in 2003, with singles as “Nothing But You”. The album was nominated for the Grammy Awards in category – Best Electronic Album. In 2007 Paul van Dyk released his 5th studio album called In Between which includes well-known names as David Byrne, Jessica Sutta (Pussycat Dolls) or Rea Garvey of Reamonn. Paul van Dyk also got involved into anti-war politics but he also took part in actions to fight poverty worldwide.

• 1994: 45 RPM
• 1996: Seven Ways
• 2000: Out There and Back
• 2003: Reflections
• 2009: Volume: The Best of Paul van Dyk
• 2010: Sixth studio album
]Remix albums
• 1998: Vorsprung Dyk Technik: Remixes 92-98
• 2004: Re-Reflections
• 2008: Hands on in Between
• 2009: "Home"
• 2009: "For An Angel 2009
• 2008: "Let Go"
• 2007: "White Lies"
• 2005: "The Other Side"
• 2004: "Crush"
• 2003: "Time of Our Lives/Connected"
• 2003: "Nothing But You"
• 2000: "We Are Alive"
• 2000: "Tell Me Why (The Riddle)”
• 1999: "Another Way/Avenue"
• 1998: "For An Angel"

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Paul Van Dyk's Bio is that of Armen.. You may want to correct it.