Joachim Garraud

The music of Joachim Garraud can be easily considered unique but highly entertaining. Along with his energy during in every performance, he slowly became a top DJ in France and gained recognition around the world.

Joachim Garraud's background is not necessarily with electronic music. He has a degree in music wherein he proved his expertise with classical music particularly in piano and percussion. He eventually moved to electronic music late 80s by being a DJ in Club Boy in Paris. His experience at Club Boy taught him to improve on remixes and other techniques in electronic music. He then applied what he learned in Maxximum radio station as he worked there as a music producer.

Because of his extensive experience in various forms of music, he became a major remixer in Paris of many notable artists. Kyle Minogue, David Bowie, Moby and Robbie Rivera are only some of the artists that have worked with Joachim Garraud to release a remixed version of their singles.

His rise to fame as a DJ started when he worked with David Guetta as he was part of many albums of well known DJ. They were even nominated for a Grammy Award in 2006 for their "Flashdance" Remix. Joachim Garraud is also well known for his weekly podcast called Zemixx which has resulted to an album of compilations from the podcast.

Joachim Garraud is well known for his energetic live remixing of music. Aside from remixes, he infuses his sound with visuals and he is considered a pioneer in this type of production.

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