Sander Van Doorn

Few DJs around the world are able to emulate the success of Sander Van Doorn. A former DJ of well known clubs in Ibiza and London, Van Doorn has also appeared in various venues around the world. Since his stint in Ibiza and London clubs, he has produced and mixed music for various media companies and bands such as BBC One, The Killers and Depeche Mode. His work with BBC One has earned given him his "Best New Producer Awards" in 2006.
Since he became one of the most in demand DJs in the world, Van Doorn was #32 on Top 100 DJs in 2006 and clinched at #13 in 2008. The fast rise to popularity is due to his originally produced music or remixes that have impressed followers of the trance genre and even in general music reviews.
His first album "Supernaturalistic" was released March 2008, it was also the same month that he was awarded with "Best Breakthrough DJ" at Miami Winter Music Conference. His success as a DJ and producer has led him to various appearances around the world. Van Doorn also has a monthly show in Digitally Imported, an internet radio station. Titled "Identity", the DJ usually plays his remixes but he has also played in the show live. The show airs every 4th Wednesday of the Month. He also has a DJ summer residency in Ibiza.
Even with only a single album, Sander Van Doorn is already a recognized name in Trance Genre. His collaboration with popular music artists has earned him the recognition he is enjoying today.

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