Steve Lawler

The name Steve Lawler will never be left out in club scenes around the world. Dubbed as the "King of Space" after his stint in the highly recognized club in Ibiza, he has amazed listeners and party goers with his revolutionary sound rarely heard in major clubs. Steve Lawler started his stint as a DJ through parties in a tunnel located in Birmingham, England. He was 17 during that time and parties in those areas were illegal. But the popularity of the tunnel grew that he was able to attract more than 500 guests in every appearance.

Sven Vath

Sven Väth is one of the most recognized German DJs in the world. His legacy that lasted for more than two decades has made him more than a successful DJ. He's also a recognized producer, remixer and entrepreneur. But aside from being a music maker, he's also regarded as one of the pioneers in trance music. The world renowned DJ started his influence to music in 1982. He started working as a DJ at 18 years old, displaying his talents in Club Dorian Gray.

The Thrillseekers

Born Steve Helstrip, The Thrillseekers is one of the fastest rising DJs in the world. His remarkable rise to fame is very rare in the industry that scrutinizes each beat. He first worked with the vinyl in 1998. In no less than one year, he became part of the major acts in UK. He even DJ'd the birthday party of Paul van Dyke. The rapid and steady rise to fame of The Thrillseekers started with the album "Synaesthesia". This album of The Thrillseekers practically propelled the DJ to fame, as others just dream of.

David Guetta

David Guetta is an award winning DJ known around the world for his remarkable mixture of house music. He started working as a professional DJ at 17 but has been practising the profession since 13 years old at the confines of his parents’ home. Before his professional work as a DJ, Guetta used his basement to invited friends over for parties with this music.

Gareth Emery

Gareth Emery's rise to popularity as a trace music DJ started in 2002. His first vinyl album is a remix of "Nervous Breakdown”, became a widely popular remix. Gareth Emery has succeeded in offering unique flavor of music that pushes the boundaries of trance and techno music. But the initial vinyl record was merely a prelude to his "Mistral" - a record that was first heard in Nature One Festival. None other than Paul van Dyk played the mix live which was well received by the audience. "Mistral" was made in only in two weeks - developed using only a laptop during Emery's vacation.

Phil Kieran

Phil Kieran is one of the highly recognized names in club music. But his vast influence is not only in this genre as he has also performed live, mixed and released albums in trance, electro and house. Stating that he is a hardworking artist in techno music is almost an understatement.
Phil started remixing music as a teenager. He first tried out various indie music owned by his brother. His skills in this techno genre eventually became apparent as he started as a DJ in Belfast at 19 years old. During his early years, his focus was mostly on club music due to the nature of his projects.

Richie Hawtin

The development of Richie Hawtin as a DJ started early as his father was a big fan of electronic music. Growing up in LaSalle, Ontario, his experience with electronic music also improved considerably since Detroit was separated to LaSalle, Ontario by merely a river. Detroit is considered the birthplace of techno and Hawtin was considered part of the second-wave of artists that was influenced by the city.

Sander Van Doorn

Few DJs around the world are able to emulate the success of Sander Van Doorn. A former DJ of well known clubs in Ibiza and London, Van Doorn has also appeared in various venues around the world. Since his stint in Ibiza and London clubs, he has produced and mixed music for various media companies and bands such as BBC One, The Killers and Depeche Mode. His work with BBC One has earned given him his "Best New Producer Awards" in 2006.

Erick Morillo

Erick Morillo is a DJ, music producer and record label manager from the US. He has released music under a number of pseudonyms, including Ministers De la Funk, RBM, Deep Soul, The Dronez, Club Ultimate, RAW and Smooth Touch. But Erick Morillo is most known for his international house music production for the record label Strictly Rhythm. One of the highest moments in his career was the 1993 hit 'I Like to Move It' which he produced as Reel 2 Real. The track went on to be featured in movies, commercials and ringtones.

Ferry Corsten

The young Ferry Corsten started making gabber music back in 1991. Slowly he grew out of the style with his sound morphing into a blend of house and trance music.

The breakthough came under the alias System F and the pioneering melodic anthem Out of the Blue. The track was a global success and Ferry Corsten started hanging out with the elite of trance artists including DJ Tiesto, Robert Smit and Vincent de Moor.

The next milestone in Ferry Corsten's career came with the worldwide release of the Trance Nation trance series compilations in collaboration with the Ministry of Sound.

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