Mauro Picotto

Mauro Picotto is an electronic musician from Italy specializing in Techno music. He started in a group called Capella where he learned rave which eventually lead him to a successful solo stint in another electronic music genre. Today, he one is of Europe’s best trance DJ touring around the world with his eclectic style of trance music. Before establishing his name to international fame, he was popular under the names “CRW, RAF and Lizard Man”.

Joti Sidhu

Joti Sidhu's career as a DJ started when he was 17 years old. It was 1988 and he just started being part of various clubs and bars in the UK. That year he learnt more about electronic music and the following years he became exposed to a lot of acid music which slowly influenced and transformed his musical preferences.

DJ Tristan

DJ Tristan's journey in music started when he visited various countries in Asia. In 1993, he was able to experience Goa music from India and music from Koh Pha Ngan Island in Thailand. These have greatly influenced DJ Tristan that he dedicated his skills in music for this music genre.

BT - Brian Wayne Transeau

Describing BT or Brian Wayne Transeau as a unique talent is an understatement. Hailing from Rockville in Maryland, he is considered legendary in the field of trance music. With his albums Ima and ESCM, he surely made a mark in trance music. He is also known in the music community as Libra, Prana, Kaistar, Elastic Reality, Prana, and GTB.

Pete Tong

Peter or "Pete" Tong is one of the most popular DJs in the world. He is the host of a very popular BBC1 Radio Show "Essential Selection" for 15 years and "Essential Mix" wherein his involvement started in since the show’s initial performance in 1993. He also has his own radio show "Pete Tong's in New Music We Trust" which is widely followed in UK.

George Acosta

Miami has never seen a trance DJ like George Acosta. Born and raised in Miami, George Acosta grew up as a fan of trance music before becoming one of the well known DJs in Miami. While focusing on club scenes in Miami he has also produced albums that only increased his reputation as a top DJ for trance music.

Like most trance DJs, George Acosta's early stints were basically limited to warehouse parties in the city. But his skills were immediately noticed as he was asked to be part of various clubs in Miami.

Dion Mavath

Dion Mavath is a highly successful DJ from Australia. He started his interested in music at the age of 14 where he listened to well known funky music during the 70s. His interest in this form of music led him to various gigs in Australia starting with a small club called Dr. Feelgoods.

His stint in a small club led him to appearances in various clubs in Australia. After a few years of working in his homeland, he started to get noticed and was booked to various gigs around the world. He was even appointed DJ to parties hosted by KISS and the iconic Janet Jackson.

Danny Tenaglia

Danny Tenaglia is a very prolific DJ as he continues to tour around the world after nearly three decades in the industry. His blend of classic house music with unique beats has earned him recognition not only in his original music but also in his remixes of well known singles.

The influence of dance, soul and house music started during the 70s in New York. While he learned much from various clubs in this city, it was his stint in Miami that made him one of the hottest DJs until today. He started at Cheers Nightclub in 1985 and stayed there for five years.

Blank and Jones

Blank & Jones is the group name composed of trance DJs. Based in Germany, the group members are Jan Pieter Blank aka Piet Blank and Rene Runge aka DJ Jaspa Jones. Although not credited as part of the group, the duo often collaborates with Andy Kaufhold (aka N*D*K) who became their producer since the duo was formed.

Timo Maas

Timo Maas' rise to fame is relatively slow compared to other DJs in the industry. But it doesn't mean he's not good, in fact, he's one of the well respected DJs in Europe. Before he gained international fame, he was part of various clubs in Germany especially in various rave clubs.

Maas started working with the turntable when he was 17 years old. His first experience in public performance was in fact in a party. He eventually started in various clubs in early 80s but his focus was in Top40. His dedication to pure techno only started in the late 80s.

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