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Frank Trax is renowned DJ from Spain that focuses on dance music. He has been awarded multiple times because of his crowd pleasing performances in various clubs as well as impressive sales of his singles.

The rise to fame of Frank Trax started in 1992 when he gained the top spot in World League of DMC. His popularity led him to various gigs around Spain and eventually became the resident DJ for Scorpia. He stayed in the same club for six years while appearing in various clubs around Spain. His stint in Scorpia proved to be a smart move to the DJs career has he gained recognition in Spain and in Europe.

Frank Trax is widely known as a DJ centered in Hip-hop music. But he has effectively used his familiarity with this form of music to increase the acceptability of dance music not only in clubs, but also in mainstream radio. He has also appeared in various festivals that attracted thousands of fans such as SONAR, G-Moive and Impulz.

What's even impressive about Frank Trax is that his singles are never left alone by his fans. Many of his albums such as Hypnose, Take Me Away and Nebuchanedzzar have been sold more than 50,000 copies in Spain - a feat very rare in the age of digital downloads. Because of the impressive sales of his album, it's no wonder that he has continuously been voted as one of the top DJs in the country by various magazines and media outlets such as DJMag.


HYPNOSE - Frank T.R.A.X.(Mas Volumen) # 1 during 6 weeks in the Spanish singles sales chart

· ALCHEMY - Frank T.R.A.X.(Blanco y Negro)

· THE NOISE SYNDICATE -The Noise Syndicate(Max Music)


· NEBUCHANEDZZAR - (Tempo Music, Neo records) # 1 in the Judge Jules top # 1 Cool Cuts chart Music Week

· TAKE ME AWAY - Frank T.R.A.X.(Electropolis) # 1 in FlaixFM y Maxima FM charts

· RENAISSANCE - Frank T.R.A.X.(Electropolis)

· CHARLY FATH - S.O.S. (Neo records)

· STARCHILD feat. DJ ALICI - Love don't live (Neo records)

· MILK Inc. - Walk on Water (Positiva)

· DARK SUITE Feat. Aura - Dark Suite piano (Illustrious)

· DARREN TATE vs JONO GRANT-Let the sunshine in (shine) (Mondo Records)

· YOMANDA - You're free (Incentive)

· LIVE - Scorpia (Arcade)

· IN SESSION - Frank T.R.A.X.(Blanco y Negro)

· PEACE , LOVE & PARTY - Scorpia (Blanco y Negro)

· THE LEGEND - Scorpia (Max Music)

· FOREVER - Scorpia (Max Music)




· PROFESSIONAL DJs Vol.2 (Tempo)

· TRANCE TECHNO T.R.A.X. Vol. 2 (Tempo)

· TECHNOCONNECTION (Tempo) with Yves DeRuyter

· PROFESSIONAL DJs Vol. 3 (Tempo)

· TRANCE TECHNO T.R.A.X. Vol. 3 ( Tempo)

· MEGA-APLEC DANCE 2001 (Tempo)


· PROFESSIONAL DJs Vol. 4 (Tempo)

· MEGA-APLEC DANCE 2002 (Tempo)

· NEO TRANCE (Neo records)

· EDEN IBIZA (Tempo)

· PROFESSIONAL DJs Vol. 5 (Tempo)

· TRANCE TECHNO T.R.A.X. Vol. 4 ( Tempo)


· HISTORY - Scorpia (Tempo)

· PROFESSIONAL DJs Summer edition (Tempo)

· FRANK T.R.A.X. Compilation (Valemusic)

· TECHNICS “The original sessions 2005”(Valemusic) with Wally Lopez y AT

· FRANK T.R.A.X. MYSELF (Valemusic)

· PLAYSTATION - "The Original Sessions 2006"(Valemusic)

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