Bob Sinclar

Born Christophe Le Friant, Bob Sinclar is one of the top French DJs in the world. A Grammy nominated DJ, Bob Sinclar started his career at 18. As his career started in the late 80s, he focused on Hip-Hop and funk music. His name during those years was "Chris the French Kiss". He only changed his name to Bob Sinclar after the character of the film Le Magnifique.
His first album in 1998, which led to his international fame, was actually a bit controversial. His first hit actually used vocals from Jane Fonda's fitness video without permission. But this was immediately fanned out by his second hit, an original this time which sealed his reputation as a great French DJ. Champs Elysees became one of the well known dance albums in Europe with the hit single "Darlin'" and "I Feel For You".
Bob Sinclar is well known for this unique club music that some dub as "French Touch." His heavy use of sample music with strings have made most of his songs a unique blend of traditional dance music. He has also pushed for more tribal sounds (under the alias Africanism) as he has heavily used percussions in his songs.
His international breakout single was "Love Generation". It became a very popular beat in Europe that it was included in the 2006 World Cup Anthem. His Grammy nomination came from his remix of "World, Hold On". The single also became one of the most popular club dance music in 2006. Bob Sinclar is also the owner of Yellow Productions – a popular French recording label.

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