Matt Hardwick

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Matt Hardwick is one of the fastest rising stars in electronic music industry. His producing and remixing skills have been honed by years of experience that when he finally came out with an album, it was immediately recognized as a success.

The career of Matt Hardwick as a DJ was sealed when he became part of Club Gatecrasher which is a highly influential dance club not only in UK but in also in Europe. He stayed in the club for 10 years and his name was widely associated with the club as he was part of various compilations released by Gatecrasher. While being associated with Gatecrasher, Matt Hardwick was also touring in various countries around the world.

His recognition as a world class DJ actually started with the release of Radio 1 Essential Mix. The songs in the album became part of many clubs around the world. The album was released in 2002 and he was still part of Gatecrasher.

His connection with Gatecrasher ended in 2004. Some regard this as a risky move for Matt Hardwick but his skills in electronic music are not only limited by the name of the club. He followed up his Radio 1 remix in 2005 and became a recognized producer for various DJs.

Matt Hardwick's music can be regarded as an intense club music that can easily encourage everyone to move. His experience with Gatecrasher made him a DJ who knows exactly what his listener wants and one of the top DJs in the world as he is constantly part of the DJ Mag Top 100.



· Resistance (Joof Recordings) 2001

· Spectrum (Joof Recordings) 2002

· Day One (Anjunabeats) 2003

· Connected (Anjunabeats) 2004

· Dark Collabs. EP 1 (Discover Dark) 2006

· Live As... (Discover) 2006

· Fallen Tides (Anjunabeats) 2008

· Supernal (Kill The Lights) 2008

· I Am DJ (Kill The Lights) 2009


· In Essence In Essence (Matt Hardwick) (Somatic Sense Recordings) 2004

· Trance The Ultimate Collection 2005 Vol. 1

· Godskitchen: Underground Impossible (Matt Hardwick) (New State Recordings) 2008

· Gatecrasher: Resident Transmission (Gatecrasher) 2002

· Platipus Records Volume Eight (Platipus) 2002

· Gatecrasher: Resident Transmission 02 (Gatecrasher) 2003

· Platipus Archive: Volumes 7 & 8 (Platipus) 2003

· Gatecrasher: Immortal (3xCD, Mixed, Comp) (Ministry Of Sound) 2007

· Digital Society International: Volume 1, Mixed By Matt Hardwick & Kane Nelson (Enhanced Recordings) 2009

· Gatecrasher's Trance Anthems 1993-2009 (Warner Music TV) 2009

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