Ronski Speed

Ronski Speed can be considered as one of the new artists in electronic music. His career started in 1997 which makes him one in the late 90s that ushered the millennium with strong electronic music. But even though he's barely 10 years in the industry, his collaborations and remixes can surpass those that have been in the industry longer.
His career started in 1997 after signing up with Euphoric. He is also one of the first artists of the record label and he continues to remix music under the same record label. While under the record company, he continues to appear in various clubs around Europe showing his skills to other DJs and attracting crowds.
Although Ronksi Speed is not active in creating original music, his remixes are considered ground breaking as it features strong bass music with trance. His worldwide recognition only started in 2004 when he became part of the DJMag Poll where he ranked at 83rd place. Since then, he became part of the poll as he started appearing in notable cities in various countries. His appearance in these clubs only increased his reputation as a world-renowned DJ.
Even though Ronski Speed is busy with his gigs in various countries, he still found time to remix singles and create compilations. Aside from the name Ronsky Speed, he has also released and produced records under the name Sun Decade. Ronski Speed also hosts the show "Euphoric Sessions" where he streams his new and well known remixes in various online radio stations.

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