Tiga James Sontag or simply "Tiga" is one of the most popular DJs in North America. Born in Montreal, he started his experience with electronic music in the early 90s as he organized various rave parties. His heavy promotion of these parties led him to mixing house music and even the establishment of Club SONA.
Tiga's involvement in the club scene and music in general is not only based on clubs and house music. He also established DNA Records which became a popular record store in his area. While selling records, Tiga was also involved in remixes and producing his sounds that slowly became popular in various clubs in Canada.
Tiga's expertise is mainly based on remixes. He is known to work with various records of Scissor Sisters as he released a remix of "Comfortably Numb". He has also worked closely with various members of Scissors Sisters in some of their singles. He is also known for his remix of Nelly's popular single, "Hot n' Here".
Tiga's collaboration with various artists from various genres made him one of the most prolific remixers. His focus on remixes was very apparent as he was only able to release original sounds in 2006 which is more than ten years since he started DJing.
But even though his entry in original sounds is relatively late, he was able to gather recognition for his works. His first album "Sexor" was the Dance Recording Of the year in 2007. His latest album Ciao! was released April 2009 released by Turbo, a label he founded.

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