Mario Piu

Mario Piu is an Italian DJ. He has even been dubbed as the "Italian Fatboy Slim" because of his unique and funky electronic beats.

Lee Burridge

Lee Burridge is one of the most successful DJs in the world.


World renowned and popular Irish DJ.

Axel Karakasis

At the forefront of Greek techno music and continues to be one of the influential DJs in the country.


Darude is a Finland based DJ specializing in trance music.

M.I.K.E. Push

M.I.K.E or PUSH is a highly recognized DJ specializing in progressive trance. This well-known DJ from Belgium gained interest in keyboards and opted to fuse those sounds that led him to create his own brand of electronic music.

His career started when he was 18 years old when by releasing "Vision Act" in 1992. He was able to persuade his first record company (USA Import) by providing a demo tape which showed what he could really do. He continued to be under USA Import until 1996 when he signed to be part of a record label named Lightning.


Yahel is one of the most recognized DJs in the world due to his amazing influence in various sub-genres in trance music. Although he is mostly playing Goa trance, he has appeared in various clubs and released albums that features a totally difference style of trance as well as psychedelic music.

Tall Paul

The rise to fame of Tall Paul is a combination of skills and opportunity. His first gig as DJ was in the early 80s when he became part of the club Turnmills. The club was bought by his father and Paul became the alternative DJ after the featured DJ of the night. But even with this privilege, Tall Paul showed that he has the skills to create remarkable mixes in front of live audience. Before the 90s, Tall Paul is already part of various DJs in the UK among them, ZAP and Gardening Clubs.

Scott K

Only a few DJs were able to completely keep their mystic mood despite the digital revolution. One of them is Scott K. where he prefers to reach out to his fans through face to face music. A master of house music, Scott K is a Chicago-based DJ who has followed underground electronic music in USA. His name may not be easily recognized outside the electric music scene but he is currently among the best in the business – he was part of the top 100 DJs in the world and was rated at #74.

Menno De Jong

If you are into trance music and constantly on the club scene, you wouldn’t miss the name Menno De Jong. Hailing from the Netherlands, he was born into a family that encouraged talent. He started way early than the others when it comes to making and practising a wide array of musical genre. Learning electronic music from his father’s studio, he then stepped it up a notch by organising some of his friends’ events.

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