Astrix (Avi Shmailov) is a Russian born, Tel Aviv-based DJ known around the world for his dedication and expertise in psychedelic trance. His early days as a DJ started in 1995 where he was a relatively known DJ in Tel Aviv. During that time he was focused on alternative and 80s music. It was only in 1997 that his interest in electronic music started. After attending a trance party, he started composing his music with the help of a computer.
Since experimenting with trance music in the late 90s, he started releasing albums under the name "Astrix". As his music gathered positive reviews from fans and trance music enthusiasts, he moved deeper into psychedelic music. His dedication to the sub-genre of trance started in 2001 after releasing his initial album.
Because of his work with psychedelic trance, his popularity grew not only in fans but also as an industry leader. In 2006 he was rated #41 in the world and moved to #18 next year. His rise to popularity not only provided him with various appearances in various clubs around the world, he has also improved the status of Israeli-made electronic music.
The music of Astrix is often regarded as aggressive and powerful. Using heavy bass and beat, he gradually increases the speed of his music until the crowd responds with delight to the music. The heavy bass is always noticeable in the music but never takes over the scene. With the help of a consistently evolving beat, the aggressive tone is often complemented with familiar psychedelic beat.

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