DJ Vibe

DJ Vibe is a highly recognized DJ not only in his native city in Lisbon, Portugal but also worldwide. Born as Antonio Pereira, he started to appear in various clubs in Lisbon at an early age of 15. Since the early 80s, he is already part of many clubs in Lisbon as he has slowly shaped the club music in Lisbon.
The rise to international fame of DJ Vibe started with the release of "Underground Sound of Lisbon", which is also the name of their group. Singles were released since 1993 and his sounds immediately became a worldwide hit. The single "So Get Up" reached #1 in USA Billboard in the same year. His subsequent albums with the group became a favorite of many clubs in USA and Europe.
DJ Vibe's influence in the club scene in Portugal has been very significant. He is often tapped as the opening DJ in many clubs in Lisbon wherein he can play for the large crowd until the sun rises.
Aside from various appearances in clubs as a DJ, he is also a well known radio personality. His radio show in Lisbon is regarded as the standard for Portuguese club music as it will dictate the future sounds in many clubs in Portugal.
DJ Vibe is also part owner of a well known record label in Portugal "Kaos Records." The record label is also a record store - a business that he has learned from his father. DJ Vibe has also teamed up with various DJs in Portugal where he released various records in various aliases such as "Meco" and "Sonic Hunters".

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