DJ Sammy

Samuel Bouriah aka DJ Sammy is a well known DJ around the world. His focus on mixing sounds to develop various dance music has earned him the recognition as some of the top DJs in the industry. Although mainly based in Spain, he is still recognized around the world because of singles and albums.

DJ Sammy started his career as a DJ in 1984 which makes him one of the most experienced DJs in Spain. His first gigs revolve around popular clubs in Mallorca. His training as a sound technician has given him enough training to become part of the popular clubs in Mallorca. While working in these clubs, he was also a DJ in a radio station.

His rise to stardom started when he met Maria Jose who encouraged him to be more than just a DJ in various clubs in Mallorca. Through her influence, DJ Sammy released a single entitled "Life is Just a Game" in 1995. The voice in the song was provided by Maria Jose. The song immediately became popular in Spain and his other records also gained requests in various radio stations in Germany. His debut album "Life is Just a Game" in 1998 increased his popularity not only in Spain and Germany but in other European countries.

His international recognition reached its peak when remixed Bryan Adams "Heaven." Released in 2002, the single, along with the album became #1 in UK and #67 in the US. This led him to remix more singles of popular hits which was also well received n various countries.

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