Matt Darey

Matt Darey is considered one of the driving forces of UK club music. His career as a DJ started in 1994 where he quickly became one of the most popular DJs. His success in his early years as a DJ is partly due to his membership with Lost Tribe. Along with Red Jerry, they slowly but surely influenced the club dance scene. Their Euphoria series is still a well known beat in various clubs in UK. Although his popularity in the US only started in 2005 with the single "Point Zero," his mixes became part of many clubs as he has sold more than 2 million copies in his career.

Wrecked Machines

Born Gabriel Serrasqueiro, Wrecked Machines is a highly influential DJ from Brazil. His focus on "Psytrance" has made him one of the revolutionary DJs in Brazil and possibly, worldwide. His unique touch to trance music has made him a popular act not only in Brazil but also in key cities in Europe and Asia.

James Holden

James Holden is one of the young DJs that have immediately made a significant impact in the music business. His career immediately took off in 1999 with the single Horizons under Silver Planet. The single was released when he was still 19 years old, but his age only further proved his reputation as one of the "geniuses" in club music. The Horizons was considered one of the most significant anthems of club music that year.

Chris Liebing

Chris Liebing started his career as a DJ in 1990. He was part of club "Red Brick" wherein he particularly focused in popular Hip, Hop and House music. It was only in 1993 that he started to get serious in electronic music which led him to open for the club "Spinclub". After a few months of working at the "Spinclub" he established a record label along with other notable DJs in the area. Their first single was "Global Ambition" and the record label was named "Soap Records". His rise to fame started when he was asked to perform for one day in club Omen.


Astrix (Avi Shmailov) is a Russian born, Tel Aviv-based DJ known around the world for his dedication and expertise in psychedelic trance. His early days as a DJ started in 1995 where he was a relatively known DJ in Tel Aviv. During that time he was focused on alternative and 80s music. It was only in 1997 that his interest in electronic music started. After attending a trance party, he started composing his music with the help of a computer.

Bad Boy Bill

Bad Boy Bill (William Renkosik) is one of the most recognized and well-loved DJ in the world. With music influence that range from standard house music to electronica, he has become one of the driving force in DJ world.
His mark to the industry started in 1985 when he became part of the fabled Hot Mix 5 DJs in Chicago. He eventually became a regular performer in various clubs in Chicago before moving around the country and in Europe. Because of his two-decade experience in the industry, he is regarded as a trend-setter as he influenced various house and electronica music.


D-Formation is one of the most successful DJs in history. With experience spanning to more than 2 decades, he became part of the music industry as a powerful driving force that led to its current popularity. He is also one of the most respected producers in the world as he became instrumental to the success of various DJs. Also known as Dimas Carbajo, D-Formation started to mold the current state of DJs during the late 80s. Even before the music became part of the mainstream music industry, D-Formation is already releasing singles in various names.

Nick Warren

Nick Warren is world-recognized DJ for his remarkable house mixes performed live around. Focusing on house music, Nick Warren is constantly perfecting his craft as he continues to wow crowds in Tokyo, Los Angeles or in his hometown Bristol. The career of Nick Warren started in 1988 where he used to focus on reggae which was very popular during those years. The 90s came and the house music is growing in popularity so Nick Warren didn't have any second thought of trying out the new sound.

Ricky Stone

Ricky Stone is one of the fast rising DJs of 2000. With an experience in the industry since the 90s, he became part of various clubs near his hometown in Sheffield. He became part of the various clubs around Europe which lead to his highly successful European tour. But an established name in the world of DJ-ing started when he opted to rest from the tour in 2001. He opted to rest in Hong Kong and became a resident of C-Club. This move actually earned him recognition from various DJs stationed in Hong Kong.

Roger Sanchez

Roger Sanchez is a Grammy-award winning DJ that focuses on progressive house music. He is also one of the revolutionary DJ as he has aggressively used the podcast format to allow his music to become highly recognized around the world. He is also known for various remixes of standard songs. His career as a DJ started when he opted to rest a little bit in his studies in architecture. With the encouragement of his father, he started DJing which led him to various gigs in New York. Constantly selling out various clubs in New York, he became a sought after DJ not only in US but around the world.
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