Kyau vs Albert

Kyau vs Albert is the former name of Kyau and Albert. The group decided to change their name in 2006 to emphasize their fusion of music. Both DJs have extensive experience in trance and house music that their fusion only improved their performances that gained the attention of worldwide audience.
Before meeting in 1994, Ralph Kyau is an established DJ with various appearances in different places in Germany. He started DJing in 1990 and was part of various underground trance music scenes in Germany. He eventually released an album "Modulation Experiments" in 1993. He has also established a record label "Harmony Recordings" in the same year with DJ Shandy.
Steven Moebius Albert on the other hand is also an established DJ in Germany for a few years before he met Ralph Kyau in 1994.
The duo decided to establish a group after a live performance wherein their preferences in mixing are almost the same. The combination of Kyau and Albert immediately became a hit as the duo already has their respective fan base. They eventually merged their record labels to create "Euphoric" in 1997. From the establishment of "Euphoric" the duo became a worldwide sensation because of notable producers such as Sonorous and Ronski Speed.
The duo became part of WEA record label in 2000 which signaled their presence in worldwide music. Their success as a duo was sealed in 2002 after the release of a single "I’m Alone". The single immediately became a hit in various clubs around the world. This single was credited to their increasingly popular yet independent Euphoria label.

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