DJ Sasha

Alexander Coe aka DJ Sasha is a DJ and dance music producer from Wales. He became famous through his collaboration with English DJ, John Digweed. The duo released several DJ mix albums together, including the art piece Northern Exposure a progressive mix of house and trance.

One of the all time best selling mix albums, The Renaissance Mix Collection part 1 (1994) was released by Sasha and Digweed. The albums diversity and combination of chill and beat mixes became instantly popular and catapulted Sasha in the world music stage.

Sasha's solo Global Underground mix CDs are considered classics for the progressive house and trance music genres.

Sasha has taken the world by storm, playing memorable DJ sets in dancefloors worldwide and driving crowds crazy. He has more than once changed styles, experimenting with house and trance, building his trademark eclectic style.

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dj sasha

sasha is 1 of the best djs i ever saw live is mixing is second 2 none the way can take crowd up and down have seen him in twilo on his 8 hours sets FUCKING AWSOME

(from Argentina)

I love the record "Communicate" Sasha-Digweed, very very great record!!

i live the music

you mix very good

Sasha rocks

He is surely one of the best epic house DJs ever. Countless parties to prove it. Love his music.