Donald Glaude


Donald Glaude is one of the most accomplished DJ in North America. His influence in house music can be traced early in the 90s with his daring mixes to push the boundaries has made him a well-appreciated DJ in the world. It's no wonder he is consistently part of the elite Top 100 DJ in the world.
The early days in music of Donald Glaude are not exactly on house music. As a kid, he is a classically trained musician where he learned to play violin and upright bass in his hometown in Tacoma, Washington. But once he started playing with basic mixers, he decided to devout his time to mixing.
His experience in turntables made him one of the most popular DJs in their area. During his stint in the West Coast, house music is not widely accepted. But his expertise in mixing and classical training for that perfect mix, he was able to wow the crowd. House music in West Coast became popular because of his mixes.
After mastering house music, he worked hard to make rave and house music became an acceptable sound in various clubs in California. With the help of DJ Dan, Donald Glaude became a permanent DJ in various clubs in California and Las Vegas.
In a word, Donald Glaude's music is "uncompromising". Instead of seeking popular approval, Donald provides a unique blend of his music. His energy in his mixes can be noticed through the sounds and even in live performances where he joins the crowd in ecstatic response to his mixes.


* Live at Ruby Skye"" September 2007
* This Is Me May 31, 2005
* Mixed Live 2nd Session February 25, 2003
* Mixed Live [LIVE] June 26, 2001
* Off the Hook July 27, 1999
* Sampling The Future November 4, 1997

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