Lange (Stuart Langelaan) is a UK based DJ recognized worldwide as one of the top musicians in trance music. With the current rank of #37 in DJ Mag Top 100, his influence in trance music has been greatly valued. His various remixes has been heard in various clubs around the world as he continues to influence other DJs in trance music.
Lange started his rise to the top in 1997 where he became part of Addictive Records. His single releases were praised none other than Paul van Dyke, Judge Jules and Sasha. He focused on remixes and became very popular not only in club scene but even in mainstream music. His first hit song was a remix of "Protect Your Mind" by DJ Sakin. His second hit is also a remix of "Happiness Happening". These singles were chart topping hits with sales reaching to 200,000 at one point.
His popularity as a remixer has earned him a spot in popular music shows such as Top of the Pops and Pepsi Chart Show. He was also a part of various compilations. His most notable participation was on Now That's What I Call Music wherein he contributed two tracks in the album.
Even with his popularity, Lange only released his first album in October 2007. The album was properly titled "Better Late than Never". It's a two-CD-album wherein the first CD is composed of his original sound while the 2nd CD is a collection of the popular remixes he has made in the past.

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