Bad Boy Bill

Bad Boy Bill (William Renkosik) is one of the most recognized and well-loved DJ in the world. With music influence that range from standard house music to electronica, he has become one of the driving force in DJ world.
His mark to the industry started in 1985 when he became part of the fabled Hot Mix 5 DJs in Chicago. He eventually became a regular performer in various clubs in Chicago before moving around the country and in Europe. Because of his two-decade experience in the industry, he is regarded as a trend-setter as he influenced various house and electronica music.
Bad Boy Bill started his record company during his senior years where he recorded various mix tapes featuring hip-hop and house music. He eventually became a strong force in the music scene since his Street DJ Promotions which literally sell mix tapes in the street. He eventually established Mix Connection Multimedia which became the parent company of other projects of Bad Boy Bill. Among his projects under the company is the highly successful Bangin' the Box series, House Connection and Behind the Decks.
His skills are well known in the industry as he has gathered numerous awards as a DJ. He is well known to work with no less than six-turntables which is a very difficult feat even for professional DJs. He is also known to release 50 singles in an album which features various hip-hop and other musical influences. His experience, skills and knowledge of the industry made him one of the most in demand acts as he is booked to more than 150 gigs every year.

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