Ricky Stone

Ricky Stone is one of the fast rising DJs of 2000. With an experience in the industry since the 90s, he became part of various clubs near his hometown in Sheffield. He became part of the various clubs around Europe which lead to his highly successful European tour. But an established name in the world of DJ-ing started when he opted to rest from the tour in 2001. He opted to rest in Hong Kong and became a resident of C-Club. This move actually earned him recognition from various DJs stationed in Hong Kong. His slow rise to fame has earned him the honors of the most sought after DJ based in Asia. With the rating of #40 in the world, he started to be part of various European and other Asian clubs. He has practically captured the imagination of his Asian fans as he is continuously voted as one of the best in the world. Aside from a successful career as DJ in various clubs, he has also released renowned albums such as Backburner, One Country and Two Systems. His experience in the industry has also led him to various production projects particularly on under Kayestone records. Various remixes were also released under Kayestone. His music is usually referred to as an appealing house music that slowly introduces the listener to the music. The music eventually pulsates to the level that everyone is invited to move. It's a very entertaining music that will push you to move with the music.
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