Wrecked Machines

Born Gabriel Serrasqueiro, Wrecked Machines is a highly influential DJ from Brazil. His focus on "Psytrance" has made him one of the revolutionary DJs in Brazil and possibly, worldwide. His unique touch to trance music has made him a popular act not only in Brazil but also in key cities in Europe and Asia.
His career as a DJ started in 2000 by being involved in a very popular club, Galeria Ouro Fino. His involvement in the club allowed him to get connected with popular electronic music and trance music producers in the country. His connections allowed him to release a single under Magma Records which was well received.
Wrecked Machines’ popularity as a DJ is largely based on his ability to move the crowd with this live act. His early hit "Trancespotting" immediately became a well known beat around the world and popular in his live act set. His live act was also made possible after he signed up with Etnicanet which promoted him around the world.
His first vinyl album "Worried World 12"" was also well received. Released in April 2003, he immediately followed up with a CD release called Blink released June 2003. Even with just a month of space between releases, both albums received great reviews especially in Japan wherein his albums were released under Solstice Music.
After the release of two successful albums, he signed up with Spun Records. He released two popular anthems under the record label: "Countdown on New Year's Eve" and "Archaic Revival". He also released his albums "Second Thought" under Spun Records and "Wreck Chords" with Solstice Music in 2005.

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