Roger Sanchez

Roger Sanchez is a Grammy-award winning DJ that focuses on progressive house music. He is also one of the revolutionary DJ as he has aggressively used the podcast format to allow his music to become highly recognized around the world. He is also known for various remixes of standard songs. His career as a DJ started when he opted to rest a little bit in his studies in architecture. With the encouragement of his father, he started DJing which led him to various gigs in New York. Constantly selling out various clubs in New York, he became a sought after DJ not only in US but around the world. He became part of the digital music revolution when he launched the podcast "Release Yourself" which features his latest mixes. The podcast was launched in 2006 and has currently more than 1.2 million listeners. The popularity and quality of music eventually earned Roger Sanchez the first "Podcast Award". His Grammy nod is based on his ability to remix popular music. The remix basically transforms the listeners' experience (even expectations) which made him one of the sought after remixers in the industry. His Grammy award came from his remix of "Hella Good" by No Doubt in 2003. His Grammy nod and the success of his podcast led him to release various albums which are collections of the best hits from the podcast. His impressive musicality and creativity in progressive house music is well noted. He is currently appearing in various clubs worldwide and stays in Ibiza every summer.
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