Nick Warren

Nick Warren is world-recognized DJ for his remarkable house mixes performed live around. Focusing on house music, Nick Warren is constantly perfecting his craft as he continues to wow crowds in Tokyo, Los Angeles or in his hometown Bristol. The career of Nick Warren started in 1988 where he used to focus on reggae which was very popular during those years. The 90s came and the house music is growing in popularity so Nick Warren didn't have any second thought of trying out the new sound. His expertise in mixing house music became apparent that he became part of many clubs in Bristol. His career as a music maker started when he partnered with Jody Wisternoff. His collaboration with the revered music producer was relatively successful as the duo released a couple of house mixes under the names of Sub-Version 3 and Way Out West. His name became known worldwide when he was asked to mix the second album for the Global Underground. The success of the 2nd album led him to the creation of seven more mixes under the same record label. While working on Global Underground, his group Way Out West has also released three albums under Distinct'ive Records. The success of Nick Warren is very rare for a DJ. He has already sold more than 110,000 copies of Global Underground and his other works are also followed by global fans. The slow star, aggressive middle and tantalizing end of the mixes of DJ Nick Warren is too difficult to ignore.
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