Matt Darey

Matt Darey is considered one of the driving forces of UK club music. His career as a DJ started in 1994 where he quickly became one of the most popular DJs. His success in his early years as a DJ is partly due to his membership with Lost Tribe. Along with Red Jerry, they slowly but surely influenced the club dance scene. Their Euphoria series is still a well known beat in various clubs in UK. Although his popularity in the US only started in 2005 with the single "Point Zero," his mixes became part of many clubs as he has sold more than 2 million copies in his career.
Matt Darey is also one of the DJs that have aggressively used the power of the internet to reach out to his fans. He started in 2005 with a monthly show in Digitally Imported called Nocturnal. Featuring no less than the legends in the industry (Paul Van Dyke, Sasha, Paul Oakenfold), Matt immediately attracted millions of users around the world. Because of the show's popularity, Nocturnal became a weekly program. Aside from the weekly program, he also started the Nocturnal Podcast. The podcast features some of his original compositions that are free for download. In October 2008, he also started a more mainstream collection of popular club dance podcast called Nocturnal Sunshine.
The popular DJ is also a producer and owner of a record label named "Darey Productions." The record label releases his upcoming albums and feature start-up DJs that has shown considerable talent for music.

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