D-Formation is one of the most successful DJs in history. With experience spanning to more than 2 decades, he became part of the music industry as a powerful driving force that led to its current popularity. He is also one of the most respected producers in the world as he became instrumental to the success of various DJs. Also known as Dimas Carbajo, D-Formation started to mold the current state of DJs during the late 80s. Even before the music became part of the mainstream music industry, D-Formation is already releasing singles in various names. Along with D-Formation, Dimas Carbajo is also known as Qu? Idea? and Flamenco Trip. Aside from his successful career as a DJ, D-Foramtion is also a well known remixer. His appearances in various cities around the world featuring his latest remixes are always something that should not be missed. As part of his popular remixes, he has also worked with various artists for collaborative success. Because of his deep familiarity with the industry, certain anthems produced and mixed by D-Formation have become part of many club scenes around the world. Tracks such as “Signs and Potents” and “Starstuff” have become the favorite of various DJs. As part of the industry for more than two decades, the musical style of D-Formation is also evolving. His early works that features ear-friendly house beat to his current smooth, enticing and increasingly fast tune is considered as a strong influence of the industry. The future of house music has been established by D-Formation and is still a strong force in the music scene.
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