James Holden

James Holden is one of the young DJs that have immediately made a significant impact in the music business. His career immediately took off in 1999 with the single Horizons under Silver Planet. The single was released when he was still 19 years old, but his age only further proved his reputation as one of the "geniuses" in club music. The Horizons was considered one of the most significant anthems of club music that year.
The increasingly popular DJ is usually focused on remixes. He has remixed some of the most popular music in recent memory such as songs from Depeche Mode (Darkest Star) and even Britney Spears (Breathe on Me). His expertise is not even based on a single type of club music. He has remixed and created music in various genres and he has produced most of his releases with ease. Although relatively new in the industry, his remixes has become part of many clubs around the world.
In 2003, James Holden released a song called "Nothing" and "A Break in the Clouds". "Nothing" is a collaboration with singer Julie Thompson and the record was released under "Holden and Thompson". "A Break in the Clouds" on the other hand was the first single released on the record label founded by Holden (Border Community).
His latest album was released April 2006 and was called "James Holden at the Controls". The album is basically a collection of various mixes of Holden that have become popular in various clubs. It was awarded as the "Album of the Month" of MixMag.

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