Chris Liebing

Chris Liebing started his career as a DJ in 1990. He was part of club "Red Brick" wherein he particularly focused in popular Hip, Hop and House music. It was only in 1993 that he started to get serious in electronic music which led him to open for the club "Spinclub". After a few months of working at the "Spinclub" he established a record label along with other notable DJs in the area. Their first single was "Global Ambition" and the record label was named "Soap Records". His rise to fame started when he was asked to perform for one day in club Omen. His impressive performance led him to regular appearance in Club Omen until 1998. During his stint in Club Omen he was able to establish "Fine Audio Recordings" which became a part of "Under Cover Music Group". Although the record label closed, the music released by Chris Liebing became his ticket to worldwide recognition. The singles "Audio 07" and "Audio 11" became his ticket to worldwide success. In 1999, Chris Liebing founded not one but three record labels: "CLR", "Clau" and "Stigmata" (with Andre Walter). The record labels eventually handled the singles, past and present, of Chris Liebing as well as booking his performances worldwide. Chris Liebing is known to have started the "Shranz" form of music. It's a highly technical form of techno music that requires accuracy and expertise with audio tools. Shranz is often played with 150-170BPM with strong emphasis on percussions and synthesizers. Because of his unique form of Techno, his music became a separate form of music which was accepted worldwide.
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