BT - Brian Wayne Transeau

Describing BT or Brian Wayne Transeau as a unique talent is an understatement. Hailing from Rockville in Maryland, he is considered legendary in the field of trance music. With his albums Ima and ESCM, he surely made a mark in trance music. He is also known in the music community as Libra, Prana, Kaistar, Elastic Reality, Prana, and GTB.

He is an inventor. As what they say, necessity makes great inventions. He did his own kind of music but to do that, he would need a lot of things to achieve the fame he wanted. That fame even required him to start a software company. That same software company made the BreakTweaker which he also uses. Sonic Architects released the application in 2007. He also has his own way to time correcting, BT calls it “nano-correcting”.

Aside from being a DJ, BT has the background and side projects that made him a remarkable musician. He was reared into classical music at a very tender age. Educated by Berklee College of Music in Boston, BT was also a band member in a punk group. He was also a vocalist to a lot of great songs and collaborated with Blake Lewis and Charlotte Martin. With a lot of albums released, he also did some collaboration with artists such as Madonna, Sarah McLachlan and Paul Van Dyk. To add more laurels on Brian Wayne Transeau’s forehead, he also did some musical score for movies. Most notable scores were used in “Monster” and “The Possibility of Fireflies”.

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