Dion Mavath

Dion Mavath is a highly successful DJ from Australia. He started his interested in music at the age of 14 where he listened to well known funky music during the 70s. His interest in this form of music led him to various gigs in Australia starting with a small club called Dr. Feelgoods.

His stint in a small club led him to appearances in various clubs in Australia. After a few years of working in his homeland, he started to get noticed and was booked to various gigs around the world. He was even appointed DJ to parties hosted by KISS and the iconic Janet Jackson.

Although Dion Mavath is an Australian, his name is currently associated with club music scene in the Middle East. He has practically become a trend setter in this part of Asia because of his experience in music and familiarity with the area. He is known to convert Club Peppermint from an uninteresting club in Dubai to one of the hottest club in the Middle East. His Friday nights are packed by at least 2,000 clubbers swaying to his sound. Not bad for a club that used to attract no more than 10 people when he arrived. He is also instrumental in bringing in world renowned DJs to the club such as Bob Sinclar, Paul Van Dyk, Peter Tong and others.

The world renowned DJ is well known for his ability to work live with digital remix. His enthusiasm to his music has also attracted the crowd and pushed them to dance with his sound.

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