Danny Tenaglia

Danny Tenaglia is a very prolific DJ as he continues to tour around the world after nearly three decades in the industry. His blend of classic house music with unique beats has earned him recognition not only in his original music but also in his remixes of well known singles.

The influence of dance, soul and house music started during the 70s in New York. While he learned much from various clubs in this city, it was his stint in Miami that made him one of the hottest DJs until today. He started at Cheers Nightclub in 1985 and stayed there for five years.

It was only during the 90s that he started remixing singles and because of his experience in the industry, his remixes became an instant hit. From 1991 to 1995, Danny released remixes of well known singles that were well received by listeners. In 1995 he released his first album which describes his music influence for the past few years. The album was named Hard & Soul. He also became the resident DJ in clubs in New York Twilo and Roxy while releasing various remixes. His second album was released in 1998 named "Elements."

From 2000 to this day, Danny continues to influence dance music. This time he turned his sights to UK dance music which appreciated his new found sound of subtle yet more technical form of dance music. During this period he released compilations and remixes and was even nominated in for a Grammy due to his well known remix of "I Feel Loved" by Depeche Mode.

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