Pete Tong

Peter or "Pete" Tong is one of the most popular DJs in the world. He is the host of a very popular BBC1 Radio Show "Essential Selection" for 15 years and "Essential Mix" wherein his involvement started in since the show’s initial performance in 1993. He also has his own radio show "Pete Tong's in New Music We Trust" which is widely followed in UK.

His interest in DJing started at the age of 15. He was trained as a drummer became interested in DJing after he earned during his spare time by booking bands for various gigs. He started with a simple mobile disco using a van. But after earning enough money he started his club called "Family Function."

His influence in music started when he became part of the magazine called "Blues and Soul Magazine." After his stint in the magazine he became part of London Records in 1983 and this is where he became more familiar with house music.

Pete Tong's radio stint started during the 70s wherein he became a presenter of the latest soul music. He started to widen his musical genre as he became a DJ that presents music and discusses dance music in his radio program. He eventually became the presenter for Essential Selection in 1991 - a stint that continues until today but because of his popularity the show was renamed "Pete Tong" in 2006.

While being recognized as one of the biggest names in dance music, Pete Tong is also known for his DJ roles in various clubs in Ibiza. He is known for his "Pure Pacha" and "Wonderland" programs in Ibiza.

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