Joti Sidhu

Joti Sidhu's career as a DJ started when he was 17 years old. It was 1988 and he just started being part of various clubs and bars in the UK. That year he learnt more about electronic music and the following years he became exposed to a lot of acid music which slowly influenced and transformed his musical preferences.
His rise to fame started in 1990 when he performed in Paris. During that time, he was also able to acquire electronic equipments that made him a master mixer because of his expertise in computer-based remixes with MIDI. He even became a consultant for various producers such as Dave Allen and Andy Wright.

He achieved recognition as a DJ in 1993 but not as a solo artist. After attending a party in West London, Joti worked with Mike Maguire and Serge Souque. They eventually formed a group Ayahuasca which was credited for well known club anthems during the mid 90s. Joti Sidhu left the group in order to establish a solo career as a DJ. He first worked under the name Psychaos. After releasing original sounds under the alias, he became part of various festivals around the world that features trance and other electronic music.
In 1998, Joti signed up with the newly established Atomic Records. Because of his rising popularity, he immediately became the top artist of the record company. This experience also led him to sign up with other record labels which only increased his fan base. Joti Sidhu transferred to Ibiza in 2006 where he concentrated on remixes while being part of various clubs on the island.

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