DJ Tristan

DJ Tristan's journey in music started when he visited various countries in Asia. In 1993, he was able to experience Goa music from India and music from Koh Pha Ngan Island in Thailand. These have greatly influenced DJ Tristan that he dedicated his skills in music for this music genre.
Barely three years after learning the amazing sound of psychedelic music, DJ Tristan released a single called "Martian Arts". This is his first single and single-handedly catapulted him to international fame as he became part of various trance festivals around the world while working with other popular trance DJs.
Instead of being a DJ with one hit, he continued to show his ability to create original psychedelic music with the release of three albums. Audiodrome was received positively by general public and it was even adopted in various festivals and documentaries. His second album was named "Substance" which has the same flavour and was also received well by trance fans. DJ Tristan was also part of Twisted Session Vol. 1 which features his mixes and was released in CD.
The well known trance DJ released his third album “Chemisphere” in 2007. The gap of release between his second (2002) and third album was long but it's set to be the DJs favorite album to be released. With his familiarity and dedication to the eclectic genre, there's no wonder why this album is widely accepted. His appearance around the world is already a testimony of his success and worldwide following for his original music.

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