George Acosta


Miami has never seen a trance DJ like George Acosta. Born and raised in Miami, George Acosta grew up as a fan of trance music before becoming one of the well known DJs in Miami. While focusing on club scenes in Miami he has also produced albums that only increased his reputation as a top DJ for trance music.

Like most trance DJs, George Acosta's early stints were basically limited to warehouse parties in the city. But his skills were immediately noticed as he was asked to be part of various clubs in Miami.

His rise to fame started when he became part of Miami's popular club Shadow Lounge. He started to improve his trance music in this club while attracting more followers to his unique blend of music. The rising fame of George Acosta led him to release his first collection of named "Awake". The CD immediately became a hit as the album became the trance anthem in various clubs in Florida.

Because of the success of his first album, he was asked to appear in various clubs around the country and music festivals around the world. His rising popularity also give him a reason to release something that his fans would really listen to: a double CD titled: Release: AM and PM.

Since the release of double CD in 2001, he has continuously released an album every year. This frequency of production is a testimony of his growing influence in trance music. His experience, expertise and appeal to his audience even earned him the title of "Trance Conductor."



* Members of X (1999)

* Awake (2000)

* Release AM (2001)

* Release PM (2001)

* Next Level (2002)

* Touched (2003)

* Miami (2003)

* History of Trance (2004)

* Lost World (2005)

* All Rights Reserved (2006)

* A State of Mind (2007)

* All Rights Reserved 2 (2008)


* 1995 Quad Speed

* 1996 The Flow

* 1996 The Heat

* 1998 Trippy Breaks

* 2000 Emotions

* 2002 Global Progression

* 2002 The Reaper

* 2003 The Lost World

* 2006 Mellodrama

* 2006 The Other Side (featuring Truth)

* 2007 War of Hearts

* 2007 The Apocalypse

* 2008 Fallin' backwards

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