Yahel is one of the most recognized DJs in the world due to his amazing influence in various sub-genres in trance music. Although he is mostly playing Goa trance, he has appeared in various clubs and released albums that features a totally difference style of trance as well as psychedelic music.

Yahel (full name Yahel Sherman) started his career at an early age. He was only 14 years old when he started mixing music and appearing in local clubs. Because he started in the industry at an early age, he was able to slowly improve his mixes which culminated with the release of his first single, “Runaway”. He eventually released an album in 2000 titled "For the People" which was well received by the trance community. The album led him to additional singles, albums and remixes. One of his most memorable remix was "Fear of the Dark" which was originally a song by Iron Maiden. This remix actually sealed his reputation to go beyond the borders of trance music as he transformed this popular metal sound into trance.

Because of his success and consistent touring schedule, Yahel is constantly part of the top 100 DJs list. DJ Yahel has also signed up with game developers who wanted to use his music in various video games. El Al airlines is even offering his music as part of their music collection. He is currently working with the record label he established, FTPmusic but still works with other labels for his international album release.

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