Axel Karakasis

Axel Karakasis is a very familiar name in the world of electronic music. He has been at the forefront of Greek techno music and continues to be one of the influential DJs in the country. Having been part of the industry since the 90s, he has established a distinct sound and developed his talent to new heights.
The success of Axel Karakasis is a combination of skills and opportunity. Axel already has the talent for techno music before Greece became familiar with electronic music. When the mid 90s came and the craze for techno music started, Axel Karakasis is already an established electronic musician.
Because of his skills in the early years of techno music in the country, he was able to considerably tour and meet more people that can help in his career. He signed up with Pornographic Records which helped him release notable singles and remixes.
While working with various record labels, Axel Karakasis started to develop his studio. In 2007, he established his record label Remain Recordings which became his main project as a DJ and producer. His success in his current record label is based on his experience with Omega Audio Recordings which he co-founded with Spiros Kaloumenos.
Aside from his impressive singles and mixes, Axel is also a well known DJ because of his live performances. His energy to play not only with one but three decks is very impressive. That is why his music always sound full because of the variety of infusion and remixes he can place in a single music.

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