Lee Burridge

Lee Burridge is one of the most successful DJs in the world. With experience of more than two decades, he has practically influenced every electronic music genre. He has performed around the world featuring a variety of genre that made a highly respected DJ.
Lee Burridge started out as DJ in a small inn owned by his parents. After gaining considerable experience, he established a mobile DJing business. The business was called "Cutz" and with the help of his father, he was able to tour around the country but his gigs were limited to small parties. He was able to gain a slot in a nightclub after a few years of traveling but the music are usually based on chart music.
His rise to fame started when he was accepted to be part of club "The Palace". His stint in this club was very important to his career as he met personalities that will help mold his career. He stayed in the club until 1991 where he moved to Hong Kong.
Lee Burridge's stint in Hong Kong has earned him worldwide recognition. Many have credited Lee Burridge as the DJ to establish a modern club scene as he has helped set-up various clubs in Hong Kong. He returned to England in 1998 and although he has to start again, his talent can't be ignored. This propelled him to fame in less than a year.
The world renowned DJ is not just known for his eclectic mix of music. Part of his popularity is also based on his ability to work the crowd with his movements on the booth. He sometimes uses the mic to get the crowd pumped up to his mixes.

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