M.I.K.E. Push

M.I.K.E or PUSH is a highly recognized DJ specializing in progressive trance. This well-known DJ from Belgium gained interest in keyboards and opted to fuse those sounds that led him to create his own brand of electronic music.

His career started when he was 18 years old when by releasing "Vision Act" in 1992. He was able to persuade his first record company (USA Import) by providing a demo tape which showed what he could really do. He continued to be under USA Import until 1996 when he signed to be part of a record label named Lightning.
Although the Belgian DJ was able to produce successful records, his commercial and international fame only started in 1998. He achieved recognition around the world when he released the single "Universal Nation". He followed the hit with "The Legacy" and both singles were able to land in dance hit charts in various countries in Europe. These two singles became classic dance floor hits during the later part of the 90s. This led to frequent tours not just in Europe but in other cities around the world.

Aside from "Push", M.I.K.E is also known as "Plastic Boy", "Solar Factor", "The Black Master" etc. It's believed that he has more than 80 aliases. He currently owns two record labels: Scanner-Records which concentrate on bare techno music and Club Elite which shows his expertise in fusing technology with progressive electronic music.

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