Scott K

Only a few DJs were able to completely keep their mystic mood despite the digital revolution. One of them is Scott K. where he prefers to reach out to his fans through face to face music. A master of house music, Scott K is a Chicago-based DJ who has followed underground electronic music in USA. His name may not be easily recognized outside the electric music scene but he is currently among the best in the business – he was part of the top 100 DJs in the world and was rated at #74.

Staying true to his Chicago roots, Scott K mixes funky music with easy to recognize beats that moves the crowd. His popular single “I Love Music” has been part of many DJ’s play list around the country as the music mixes true funk music with highly creative beats. Although he uses samples funk music from the 70s, he is constantly breaking grounds as he pushes new mixes which gives light to funk music and become widely acceptable to the dance floor.

The highly recognized DJ is currently busy with producing as he prepares to release an album under his established label, BoxMusic. But even with the strenuous time requirement for producing, Scott K is still very active in his DJing career as he is constantly part of many clubs in Chicago and Los Angeles. His smart choices of samples while pushing these sounds to new grounds has made Scott K. truly unique and amazing artist in electronic music.

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Hey, Scott! Can't believe it's really you. Remember rudeboy Rudy V? Chicago? Your boy? Ruben's cousin? Just wanted to say hello again. Been a long time. Hit me up if and when you can.