Menno De Jong

If you are into trance music and constantly on the club scene, you wouldn’t miss the name Menno De Jong. Hailing from the Netherlands, he was born into a family that encouraged talent. He started way early than the others when it comes to making and practising a wide array of musical genre. Learning electronic music from his father’s studio, he then stepped it up a notch by organising some of his friends’ events.

Because of his increasing popularity, a club in Eindhoven took him up for residency. He became part of the local club scene for more than two years. At 20, he decided to move beyond club music into full-time trance. He was able to establish his name as a professional trance DJ while still in school. At 24, he has practically appeared in major club scenes and trance festivals in USA, Canada and Europe. He is currently part of the list of DJ Magazine’s “Top 100 DJs in the World” where he is ranked #48.

Also recognised as Sayla, Halcyon and Myth, Menno De Jong is currently at the forefront of the competition in trance music. He is one of the youngest DJs to be on the top of the charts because of the huge following in Europe. He also has a show called Intuition on internet radio, also broadcast in satellite radio in the US (XM) and in various satellite stations across Europe. He even compliments the music he mixes on the radio with a podcast that allows fans to download some of their favourite beats for free.

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