Mario Piu

Mario Piu is an Italian DJ who have been part of the industry for more than 10 years. Aside from his experience, his remixes and singles had impressive airtime around Europe particularly in Italy. He was even dubbed as the "Italian Fatboy Slim" because of his unique and funky electronic beats.
The DJ's rise to fame started mid 90s and going with the flow, he worked his way up by focusing on impressive techno music. He is one of the DJs in Italy credited to give rise to techno music. He is also part of the group of DJs from Toscana that have been very influential in electronic music scene.
While his activity in Italy as a DJ has been very impressive it was only in 1999 that he became part of the European techno music. His single "Communication" became very popular as it has reached 5th in sales in UK. The song was very special because part of the music was an actual GSM interface sound from a mobile phone. Since the release of the single, he became part of various clubs around Europe. His fame also helped in getting him recognized as one of top DJs in the world.
Mario Piu is focused on releasing singles and remixes with other DJs. Many recognize his work as progressive sound that move towards the "Supertechno" sound. Because of his unique music, smart mixes and singles, he is slowly becoming an international artist that can be a major influence the world of electronic music.

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