The Thrillseekers

Born Steve Helstrip, The Thrillseekers is one of the fastest rising DJs in the world. His remarkable rise to fame is very rare in the industry that scrutinizes each beat. He first worked with the vinyl in 1998. In no less than one year, he became part of the major acts in UK. He even DJ'd the birthday party of Paul van Dyke. The rapid and steady rise to fame of The Thrillseekers started with the album "Synaesthesia". This album of The Thrillseekers practically propelled the DJ to fame, as others just dream of. The singles "New Life" and "By Your Side" from the album became popular tunes in various clubs around the world. His fame from "Synaesthesia" was only the beginning as he has consistently released various albums and singles. During his rise to fame he opted to use various aliases such as Rapid Eye, Insignma, En Motion and Hydra. These names have released singles, remixes and albums which has constantly received positive reviews. His music is dubbed as highly emotional while evoking a very positive mood. In 2003, The Thrillseekers opted to start a record label that will handle his music. This was due to the fallout of his then record label Neo Records. Part of the decision to start a record label is the high demand for the re-release of "Synaesthesia" and "Affinity" albums. Aside from handling singles and albums of The Thrillseekers, the recording label has also signed up Deep Voices and Evolve. His involvement with Deep Voice is very distinctive as he has released remixes of the Deep Voice hits.
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