Sven Vath

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Sven Väth is one of the most recognized German DJ in the world. His legacy that lasted for more than two decades has made him more than a successful DJ. He's also a recognized producer, remixer and entrepreneur. But aside from being a music maker, he's also regarded as one of the pioneers in trance music. The world renowned DJ started his influence to music in 1982. He started working as a DJ at 18 years old, displaying his talents in Club Dorian Gray. The music scene was still heavy on 80s music but Sven Väth focused on trance which immediately created an effect in various clubs around Germany. Regarded as the "Grandfather of Trance" his continuous work in the music scene led him to establish various record labels such as Eye Q and Harthouse - both labels are recognized to be the pioneer label that promoted trance music. He is currently the owner of Cocoon Records. His legacy in trance music is more than just putting up music for everyone to enjoy. He is known to stay in the club for 14 hours straight without any pause. He would only stop if he can't work the turntable. Aside from being a successful DJ, Sven Väth is also a recognized entrepreneur in the music and club scene. Aside from the successful trance music label, he is also the owner of the highly successful Cocoon and OMEN Club - both based in Germany. With his legacy and experience, Sven Väth is truly one DJ that's difficult to match.

Accident in Paradise (Eye Q, 1992) (Warner Bros. Records, 1993, U.S.)
The Harlequin, the Robot, and the Ballet Dancer (Eye Q, 1994) (Warner Bros. Records, 1995, U.S.)
Der Kalte Finger (Eye Q, 1996; collaboration with B-Zet)
Fusion (Virgin Records, 1998)
Six in the Mix (The Fusion Remix Collection '99) (Virgin Records, 1999)
Contact (Ultra Records, 2000) (also released on Virgin Records)
Retrospective 1990-1997 (single disc version) (WEA Records, 2000)
Retrospective 1990-1997 (two disc version) (Club Culture, 2000) (also released on Warner Music in Japan)
Fire (Virgin Records, 2002)
Allan Gauch (Virgin Records 1997-2002)
DC's Hand Picked Mix Tape
Fire Works (remixes of tracks from Fire) (Virgin Records, 2003)
Sound of The First Season (One Disc Version 2000)
Sound of The Second Season (Two Disc Version 2001)
Sound of The Third Season (One Disc Version 2002)
Sound of The Fourth Season (Two Disc Version 2003)
Sound of The Fifth Season (One Disc Version 2004)
Sound of The Sixth Season (Two Disc Version 2005)
Sound Of The Seventh Season (Two Disc Version 2006)
Sound Of The Eighth Season (Two Disc Version 2007)
Sound of the Ninth Season (Two Disk Version 2008)

"L'Esperanza" #5 Hot Dance Club Play; #63 UK (1993)
"Ritual of Life" (Eye Q, 1993)
"Ballet-Fusion" (Eye Q, 1994)
"Fusion - Scorpio's Movement" (Virgin Records, 1997)
"Breakthrough" (Virgin Records, 1998)
"Face It" (Virgin Records, 1998)
"Omen A.M." (Virgin Records, 1998)
"Schubdüse" (Virgin Records, 1998)
"Sounds Control Your Mind" (Virgin Records, 1998)
"Augenblick" (Virgin Records, 1999)
"Dein Schweiss" (Virgin Records, 1999)
"Discophon" (Virgin Records, 1999)
"Barbarella" (remix) (Club Culture, 2000)
"L'Esperanza" (remix) (Club Culture, 2000)
"My Name is Barbarella" (Code Blue, 2000)
"Je T'aime ... Moi Non Plus" / Design Music (Virgin Records, 2001)
"Strahlemann Und Söhne" (remix) (Virgin Records, 2001)
"Mind Games" (Virgin Records, 2002)
"Set My Heart on Fire" (Virgin Records, 2002)
"Komm" (Cocoon Recordings, 2005)
"Spring Love" (Datapunk, 2006)
"The Beauty and The Beast" (Cocoon Records 2008)

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