David Guetta

David Guetta is an award winning DJ known around the world for his remarkable mixture of house music. He started working as a professional DJ at 17 but has been practicing the profession since 13 years old at the confines of his parents’ home. Before his professional work as a DJ, Guetta used his basement to invited friends over for parties with this music.
Although he is already a recognized DJ in Europe, his dance mix music only started to gain heavy popularity in 2001 where his single "Just a Little More Love" which reached the UK charts when he was 19. Since his first single to reach the UK chart, Guetta continues to release dance music every year culminating with "The World is Mine" in 2004 which reached #1 in US dance charts. Because of his continued success, he became the top DJ by the House Music Awards in 2005. From 2005 until today, David Guetta continues to make music that can become a hit in no time. His music is now recognized not only in UK but also by the rest of the European countries. His latest project with Kelly Rowland became his most successful collaboration. Every country in Europe is playing the Guetta music because of requests.
The music of David Guetta is highly popular because of the music's ability to communicate even to those who are not accustomed to house or dance music. The sounds are not necessarily catchy but the music offers something interesting that will have the listeners humming or even dance with the songs.

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