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Phil Kieran is one of the highly recognized names in club music. But his vast influence is not only in this genre as he has also performed live, mixed and released albums in trance, electro and house. Stating that he is a hardworking artist in techno music is almost an understatement.
Phil started remixing music as a teenager. He first tried out various indie music owned by his brother. His skills in this techno genre eventually became apparent as he started as a DJ in Belfast at 19. During his early years, his focus was mostly on club music due to the nature of his projects.
His success as a club DJ has led him to various projects, especially in remixing albums from music artists from different genres. His expertise was even experienced by his fellow DJs as he provided enhancements on some of the projects in their albums. Even with all his projects, the widely popular "Vitalan House" is still a recognized record of Kieran everywhere.
Phil Kieran is currently associated with a band called "Allow Metal". The band was formed in 2005 and was established with the help of Martin Corrigan. After two years as a band, they were able to release an album (self titled) in 2007.
The new sound of Phil Kieran is truly revolutionary as the band was able to fuse rock and techno in a highly successful manner even in a live act. This fusion of various genres cemented the reputation of Phil Kieran as one of the best in the business.


• Missp (2-Track Single) - Apr 2008
• Wasps Under A Toy Boat - Jan 2008
• White Light/Black As You Like - Jan 2007
• We Have Control (As Alloy Mental) - 2007
• Reject/32 Reasons Why - Feb 2006
• Vital 2 - Sep 2005
• Chunka Funk - Apr 2005
• Vital 3 - Apr 2005
• Juicy - Mar 2005
• Lost In Belfast/Black Worm - Jan 2005
• Youth - Oct 2003
• I Love You - Sep 2003
• Africa 70 - Jun 2003
• Youth/Syntax - Jan 2003

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Phil Rulz!

He is amazing!