Steve Lawler

The name Steve Lawler will never be left out in club scenes around the world. Dubbed as the "King of Space" after his stint in the highly recognized club in Ibiza, he has amazed listeners and party goers with his revolutionary sound rarely heard in major clubs. Steve Lawler started his stint as a DJ through parties in a tunnel located in Birmingham, England. He was 17 during that time and parties in those areas were illegal. But the popularity of the tunnel grew that he was able to attract more than 500 guests in every appearance. His skills in DJing were recognized that he became part of many clubs in the city. The recognition of Steve Lawler in the club scene started with his work in Cafe Mambo in Ibiza. This led him to stints in various clubs in Ibiza such as Cream and Space. His successful performance in these clubs encouraged him to be in the record business. His singles and records became part of many Billboard charts for house music. The "Lights Out" series that was first released in 2002 became his defining albums as a DJ. In 2005, Lawler started his record label company "Viva Music" which distributes music via digital download instead of CDs and Vinyls. Because of the variety of influence on Steve Lawler's music, it's rather difficult to dub as part of any form of DJ music. But he has dubbed his music as "Dark House" which focuses on his experiences as well as observations in the music industry.
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