Sander Kleinenberg


Sander Kleinenberg is a DJ and dance music producer from Holland. He was born in 1971 and started DJing as a young teenager playing at local bars. He launched his music production career in 1996 and since some of the biggest DJs in the world, including Sasha, Deep Dish and John Digweed have used his tracks mixing and in compilations. One of his greatest hits "My Lexicon" (one of DJ Sasha favourites) and "Sacred" are examples of his trance productions. His most recent compilation"Everybody" reflects his evolving DJing.

Sander Kleinenberg is always on the rise as a DJ, a monthly and seasonal resident at some the world's top dance music clubs, including Space in Miami and Crobar in New York City, amongst others. Kleinenberg's remixing career has produced various high profile tracks including one of pop-star's Justin Timberlake.


Artist albums
* 2000 Sander Kleinenberg: Tranceglobal Airways (Mixmag)
* 2001 Sander Kleinenberg: Nubreed 004 (Boxed)
* 2002 Sander Kleinenberg: Essential Mix (Warner)
* 2003 Sander Kleinenberg: Renaissance: Everybody (Renaissance)
* 2004 Sander Kleinenberg: This is Everybody Too (Renaissance)
* 2005 Sander Kleinenberg: This is Everybody! On Tour (Everybody Loves Music)
* 2007: This is... Sander Kleinenberg

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DJ Sander

His Renaissance mix is what did it for me. Some of the best progressive trance music I have heard. Shame I never managed to listen to him live apart of some mp3 from gigs in the UK and Sweden.