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The Olympia, Washington, born DJ Dan, Daniel Wherret was voted world number 6 in DJ Mag’s 2006 poll, but was taken out of the poll in 2007 due to irregularities in the voting. However, the magazine has cleared him of any cheating or involvement in cheating and he will be in the 2008 polls. One of the cornerstone DJs of the 90s Los Angeles rave culture and the main DJ of the San Francisco Funky Techno Tribe, DJ Dan thrills audiences all across the US, Canada and Asia, although he has not as big in Europe. However, legends in dance music have asked for him to remix their tracks, indicatively Depeche Mode (Precious DJ Dan Remix) and New Order (Krafty DJ Dan Remix)


2006 Lift, Vol. 2
2005 Lift
2004 Accelerate
2003 Mixed Live
2002 Roundtrip
2001 In Stereo
2000 Another Late Night
1999 Funk the System
1998 Beats 4 Freaks
1997 Urb Mix, Vol. 2
1996 Loose Caboose

2005 The Arrival EP
2003 Disco Hertz
2000 Put That Record Back On
1999 Needle Damage (That Zipper Track) [UK #2]
1999 Needle Damage (That Zipper Track) (Remixes)
1999 Needle Damage (That Zipper Track) [US]
1999 Needle Damage (That Zipper Track) [UK #1]
Also Appears On

2005 Brigade Honchos
2005 This Is Me
2004 Big Floor Funk
2004 Ultimate Trance Party, Vol. 2
2003 Across America
2002 Best of Dirty Dirty House, Vol. 1
2002 Duty Free Remixed

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very cool stuff. I like this website.


very very nice trance music, i like it

I like very much "Funk The

I like very much "Funk The System" and "Accelerate"